How Good Copywriting Can Quickly Grow Your Business

Copywriting is key to digital marketing, efficiently explaining what your business does to potential customers in a captivating way. Come find out what makes great copy, and why you should invest in professional writing services.

Why is a Professionally Designed Logo So Important?

Logos are the first thing potential customers see. They have to represent you and what your business stands for. But what makes a great logo? Take a read and learn about the knowledge that enables us to create memorable logos for our clients.

The 5 Golden Rules of Building a Personal Brand

The term “brand” is often associated to businesses themselves, with many individuals even assuming it only refers to large corporate companies. There are in fact, two different types of brand – a personal brand, and a business brand.

What Should We Be Doing to Market to Millenials?

Arriving at a time when social media started to take over, the millennials have since been led by a world of filters, staged social content, instant connectivity and the picture-perfect life. In turn, this has completely changed the direction and the way we use marketing to connect with customers.

Why We Shouldn’t Forget About the Relevance of Traditional Marketing Techniques

Our millennials and Gen Zs have grown up with technology and connectivity an everyday norm, and so traditional marketing is now often overlooked and or ignored. But whilst digital marketing has earned its place on the podium as an efficient and leading marketing tool for businesses, it’s important to look back and consider marketing’s original roots and implement traditional techniques.

The Power of a Personal Brand

Behind the face of the brand are the people who turn the cog wheels, build the business and make it function. It’s these people behind the brand who also help to form the all-important customer loyalty and trust. This is where we see the arrival of “personal branding” and the importance of marketing ourselves just as powerfully as the product.

Checklist: 10 Branding Essentials

What does branding mean to you?
Some may say it’s your logo… others may say it’s your colour palette and typography. Although these are all extremely important aspects of the branding process, they aren’t actually your branding.