What makes us different?

About Us

The marketing experts

Helping your business to thrive

Founded in June 2018, Kreativity Marketing exists to help businesses create and boost their marketing presence. We’re a full-service marketing agency, meaning we provide services from branding and design through to website design, marketing and copywriting.

When you partner with Kreativity, you are not just another account or profit opportunity. From the moment you meet our team, you’re part of the family. Our past clients will tell you – we are extremely dedicated to helping others succeed in all methods possible. Having built a business ourselves, we know what it’s like to put in the hard work to succeed, and we are here for you. Whether we are answering emails at 1AM or providing soothing, off-the-cuff assistance when you’re in a mild panic, we are just a call or email away.

Our team lives and breathes Kreativity, and our passion has helped businesses across a broad range of industries find their creative spark. If you or your company needs some marketing expertise, we’d truly love to hear from you!

Our Philosophy

Our company is rooted in the fact that we are absolutely head-over-heels about all things marketing. And what's better than working with a company that is genuinely ecstatic about what they do?

Our Mission

To help as many businesses as humanly possible to create the marketing of their dreams and succeed in what they do.

What we believe in

The Kreativity Values


Above all, we want our clients to know that they can trust us 100%. Handing any part of your business that you have worked so hard to build can be terrifying, so we believe that the most important thing is that we establish a trusting relationship with our clients from the very beginning.


This relates closely to trust, but also goes that one step further into the fact that we vow to always have transparency both within the company and with clients. We believe that the most healthy working relationships are only able to form when there is honesty in every part of that relationship.


In using our services you have placed something very important into our hands, and we recognise that completely. That is why we work hard to hold ourselves to the highest levels of accountability and follow through on every single promise and guarantee that we make.


Last but by no means least, we ensure that our work environment and relationships are fun ones. We believe that everything works better when everyone is having a good time, and that includes our client relationships.