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We provide copywriting and editing services to businesses and brands who don’t have their own content team, are stretched thin or just need a seasoned writer for a campaign. Whatever your situation, we can hit the ground running and adapt to your brand’s voice for engaging content that really hits the mark.

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Inspirational content, written for you

It is not enough for your potential clients to simply notice the stunning design and photography on your site, they need to be blown away by the words that you use as well!  The words on your site need to make your client feel that your product or service is the perfect one for them, and that is when excellent copywriting comes into play.

The copywriting we offer at Kreativity Marketing is designed accordingly to the voice you would like your brand to have so that you can reach your dream clients.  Our writing does far more than fill up the blank spaces on your page, it is crafted specially to represent your brand’s design, voice and mission.

Great copywriting should:

SEO Copywriting

We provide services in Search Engine Optimised Copywriting, meaning that we combine the two key techniques that are the most important for selling your business to potential clients. Let’s break down exactly how we do that:

We use copywriting, writing in an influential manner that informs the customer about what your business does, to persuade them to choose you over anyone else. The aim of our copywriting is to turn your readers into customers.

We then use SEO to bring more traffic to your website. We employ the use of specific keywords in order to help your page appear higher up on internet search results.

Through combining these two aspects, we help you to gain quality customers for your business.

Blog Writing

Blogs are a fantastic way to: Connect with new audience members by creating high-quality content Stay relevant to your customers’ needs Build trust and credibility around your brand

Of course, in order to run a successful blog, it requires a wealth of new ideas for content to be posted regularly - a blog that is untended can have the opposite of the desired effect! Luckily, you no longer need to have the knowledge, ideas or time to run a successful blog for your business, as this is a service that Kreativity provides for you.

Website Copy

Having a website that looks great is incredibly important of course, but it should not be your only focus. However, writing copy for your entire website that will both engage readers and convey the message of your brand is a highly time-consuming task - many business owners spend hundreds on such content, only to realise it does not have the desired effect.

Leaving this task to us means that you can be assured your website copy will bring in the clients that you want, through our expert SEO Copywriting services. Whether you need your whole site done, or the copy just needs a facelift, we’ve got you!