How Good Copywriting Can Quickly Grow Your Business

Copywriting is the creation of bespoke written content that efficiently explains what a business does to a reader, in order to turn them into a potential customer. Using a keen insight into the way people use the internet, it optimises your company’s message so that it reaches the right people and promotes client capture. Through this blog we’ll outline some of the most important features of good copywriting, highlighting what turns a block of text into a powerful marketing tool.

Optimised writing

Click-through from search engine queries accounts for 53% of all organic website traffic, making it one of the most important factor in determining the overall success of a site. Good copywriting is based on a technical understanding of how search engines work, anticipating what potential customers search for in order to incorporate keywords and phrases into the piece. In doing so, it increases the likelihood that your content will show up in Google searches, leading to website click-through, engagement, and hopefully conversion!

Combined with a well designed website (more on that in another blog), search engine optimised copywriting can effectively promote your online presence, and generate new customers.

Every word counts

Most copywriting is done in a limited space. Whether it’s a Twitter post that has a character limit, or website copy that must fit into designated spots, every sentence (or even word) must serve a purpose, and when it comes to word count, always remember the platform you’re using. From long-form articles which explore a topic in depth to short snippets that need to immediately grab the reader, it’s vital to remember that your copy should be as long as it needs to be… and no longer! Short, snappy copy quickly conveys everything the reader needs to know, attracting them to your business through quality information and insights – without boring them.

Just as well-written copy can quickly capture clients, poor writing creates a negative mental image of your business. A lengthy, dull paragraph or a grammatical error could lead potential customers to leave your website and look elsewhere. So, just as every good word counts for client capture, every bad word has an impact on your business too!

A single skill for diverse uses

Copywriting covers a wide range of mediums and roles. From content on a website that explains a service, to blog posts (like this) that give readers some insight into the thought process behind your work, and short, snappy, social media captions that need to quickly capture a viewer’s attention. 

A thoughtful copywriting process enables writers to adapt their work to each unique situation, changing their tone and style in order to fit the scope of a piece. Are you a Finance-as-a-Service provider? Beauty salon? Aesthetics clinic? You wouldn’t want something written in the same style as a dog toy manufacturer, as your target market is just a little different! Great copywriting, then, must speak the language of its audience. A consistent tone across all your branding plays a huge factor in the development of a positive brand image and authenticity, leading the consumer to feel like they ‘know’ you. By taking this approach to both tone and content, you can begin to create connections that can propel your business and bring in new clients.

Ultimately all written content online has a similar objective; client capture. Ensuring that your approach to copywriting is robust and thoughtful enables you to adapt what you create to fit each circumstance, promoting the success of client’s businesses. Through Kreativity, you can access expert copywriting services that take all of this into account. We produce unique, well-researched pieces that convey the exact message you need in the most effective manner. To find out more, visit


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