Why You Should Care About Content Marketing

Advertising used to be considered a whole lot simpler. Now, we are looking at the importance of using multiple avenues to capture and connect with our target audience. Something that can be quite overwhelming if you’re first starting out and unfamiliar with the new worlds of social media, blogs, video or other online interactives. 

We’ve shifted out of a world where TV adverts and billboards are the primary focus of our advertising. Our audiences are now spending more time scanning and scrolling elsewhere, and whilst traditional advertising still remains incredibly relevant, the need to add variety to our advertising efforts for the long-term is needed more now than ever.

So, what is content marketing?

There are multiple variations of content marketing to consider, but overall the fact remains that they all revolve around the same strategy and objective. To drive traffic and bring new customers and business by creating, publicising and distributing content.

Content marketing is found at the heart of most successful digital marketing campaigns, whatever the product. Actioning this tool isn’t there just to set your business aside from its competitors, it’s an essential asset for any emerging brand to be successful, or any established brand to continue to modernise. Businesses of all ages and sizes are recognising the importance of implementing such a creative and innovative strategy that connects with their audience and expands their reach. 

What are the results you should expect?

Conversation & Engagement

Content marketing drives conversation with your customers. Generating content provides a multitude of opportunities for customers to directly engage with your brand and products. You can connect with your customers in a whole new way providing clear and essential information, education and instruction for purchase.

Improved SEO results

Great content creates great results from the drive of traffic that comes from it. Content marketing plays a key role in helping your business to grow whilst supporting the improvement of SEO results and the increased visibility of your business. With this comes the relevance of strategy. Producing regular, relevant and engaging content on your site, such as blogs or news articles, generates an increase of indexed pages across search engines and therefore better search engine results. Whilst more content doesn’t necessarily mean more business, using relevant content to connect key words and topics to your site will ultimately provide high search ranks, more visits and on-site time.

Growing trust

We all want to our businesses to succeed but this can’t be done without customers and trust is an essential part of securing them. We need to establish a solid foundation and positive brand reputation for our businesses to grow from and in turn be recognised with loyalty and trust. Content marketing will do this for us, providing a digital marketplace for customers to use and understand your unique offering, story and product. If you limit yourself and don’t provide an interactive and visual experience for your customers building trust becomes a lot more difficult, particularly against today’s modern businesses.

Happy budgets

Budget-friendly, content marketing provides a much greater number of leads than traditional marketing methods and costs a whole lot less. Whilst content marketing is important to help assist in maintaining a flow of leads for new business, its affordability makes it essential for any business, big or small, to implement. ROI on content marketing is huge, so why not take advantage of it?


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