Portfolio: Website Design for Enfortro Wills & Estate Planning

Based in Melton Mowbray, Enfortro Wills & Estate Planning are a brilliant company specialising in… you guessed it. Wills and estate planning! With services including will writing, trusts, powers of attorney, document storage and prepaid funeral plans, Enfortro provide a professional and friendly service without legal jargon or mile-long pages of T&Cs – here to make the entire estate planning process simple and straightforward for their clients.

Having helped Lee Freer to name and brand Enfortro back in late 2018, it was a pleasure to be asked to create a WordPress website for this fantastic company to shift them off the Wix platform. With significant experience in mortgages and protection too, we’re proud to say that Lee is our insurance specialist too! It’s who you know.

How did we do it?

Using the same brand colours and style of his existing website, we spruced up the design for a more professional and impactful feel. Painterly section dividers and dashes of sunny yellow softened the light blue and anthracite grey palette, and carefully placed interactive hover effects brought a modern, engaging feel to Lee’s new site.

Incorporating both the legal-style imagery from his old site and new inspiring stock photography to bring warmth and friendliness to the site, each and every page got a full makeover to better represent the amazing Enfortro brand.

View the new website at www.enfortrowills.co.uk

When we helped Lee to pick the name for his company in 2018, “Enfortro” was chosen after a lengthy discussion of theming the brand around the concept of a castle (as you can see in his castle-pen logo icon). “Enfort” means to strengthen or to fortify, and we hope we’ve done just that with the new website!

See below for a before and after!

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