Portfolio Blog: The Holistic Therapist

We were first introduced to Jennifer (or should we say, The Holistic Therapist) back in the Summer of 2019. Referred to us by another happy and satisfied client, she initially came to us looking for a logo design for her Holistic Therapy Business.

One year on, after another 12 months of successful business, Jennifer was ready for a brand refresh. Deciding to change the name of her business from “The Guiding Crow Holistic Therapies” to “The Holistic Therapist” it was time for a new logo to complement her new name and branding!

Jennifer already had an idea of the style she was after and gave us a rough design she had created herself to help communicate what she was looking for. We spent time speaking to Jennifer to understand in detail what she was after and began the process of identifying each element she liked the look of and refining it.

Initially, the first style she had been considering was a monochrome logo in grey or black. However, as colour addicts, and with our comprehensive knowledge of colour psychology, we didn’t feel that this would represent the business as well as it could do and suggested a more appropriate range of colours.

After much discussion and analysis, we found one we both loved! The calm shade of teal has a natural dignity, bringing a sense of warmth and calmness to the brand. It also promotes feelings of restfulness and mental and spiritual growth; perfect for the nature of the business!

After finalising the logo, we worked with Jennifer to create on-brand business cards and gift vouchers for the run-up to Christmas, providing print management services for high-quality printing and convenience.
We are thrilled to say that Jennifer was over the moon with her new logo, business cards and gift vouchers!
If you are impressed with our work on The Holistic Therapist logo rebrand, business cards and voucher designs, and would like something similar, contact us today! We are design and brand crazy and will ensure that your business has all aspects of branding covered.


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