Laura Hart: Project Refresh

A slightly different and more unique brand that we worked with (and felt VERY passionate about) was a recent project we did for a dear client – Laura Hart. 

Laura Hart is an Intuitive Artist & Coach. She guides women to stand in their own power and to move past limitations and what is blocking them to a life filled with passion, purpose and adventure. She opens them up to their own inner insights, gifts and visions so they can open up to their own amazing gifts and talents and share them with the world! Sounds great, right?! 

She holds one to one intuitive coaching, which focuses on giving women space and time to connect with their inner guidance; getting clients to thinking in different ways and leaving with a new perspective on the feelings or worries that they have.

Initially, Laura Hart came to us for assistance with her WooCommerce Shop; she needed help with adding more products and improving the layout and artwork at the front of her website. But we ended up working on much more than that. 

First things first, we ran a comprehensive audit on her site to see how it was performing overall. After the extensive audit and in-depth analysis, we provided some recommendations that would improve her website, which included image optimisation, suggestions on how to improve website speed, performance and page structure. In the end, Laura ended up going all out for a brand-new website design! 

Her new WordPress website puts her artwork in the spotlight and features organic section dividers fitting her branding aesthetic; bringing her website to life!

We conducted a full WooCommerce integration and set-up, transforming her old website into a highly effective platform. With enhanced performance and restructuring, we ensured the website is completely optimised for speed, with minimal scrolling; offering visitors the best possible user experience! In addition, we utilised a range of on-brand, feel good, holistic imagery which flawlessly communicated what Laura and her business are all about. 
Laura’s testimonial says it all.

‘Working with Kreativity is like a breath of fresh air. They literally transformed my website in less than a week from a very complicated and out of date mishmash, to simple to use and fully reflecting me and my business. Kreativity have a way of literally seeing the vision I have in my head and bringing it into life through my website. Thankyou sooooo much! I have also made a lovely new friend and realised the importance of finding someone who really gets what I am trying to create. In soo much gratitude and would totally recommend!’

Are you looking for a website refresh? Do you feel that your website doesn’t reflect your brand as well as it should, or perhaps it is letting the company down? Worry no more! We are here to save the day and can create an engaging WordPress website that meets your goals and reflects your brand perfectly. If you’d like a free, no-obligation quote, simply get in touch today or find out more on our Web Design page first.


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