4 Reasons Why Scheduling Your Social Media Posts Can Benefit Your Business

For many people, keeping a schedule can help them to stay on top of their lives. Planning out events, trips, meetings & more enables them to have a better insight into their workload over the future. So why shouldn’t that be applied to our social media channels? 

A company’s social media presence has become a core part of modern digital marketing, enabling potential customers to become familiar with and interact with your business, and driving audiences to your website to view your products or services. Your Facebook page, Twitter profile and Instagram account are often the first point of contact with your target audience, so it pays to make sure your social media channels are kept up-to-date, and are always looking their best. However, as a busy business owner, finding time in your day to post on social media can be difficult.

That’s where scheduling comes in! Scheduling your social media posts allows you to automate the process of posting content on all of your accounts at once – saving you valuable time that can be put towards other areas of your business. Read on to find out more about the benefits of social media scheduling!

Keep it consistent

One of the most important elements of social media is consistency. It’s important to keep your followers engaged and interested in your brand, and a key way to do this is by making sure that they see new content from you on a regular basis. By scheduling your content, you can ensure that your social media channels are updated regularly with new content, even if you’re not able to post every day yourself.

In addition, scheduling your social media posts is most effective when you create content in bulk. Sitting down to plan out a week or month’s worth of content ready for scheduling can help you to achieve consistency in the tone of voice of your captions, and in the design and styling of your social media graphics, which is more effective when it comes to developing a strong and recognisable brand identity.

Build a strategy

In the process of scheduling your posts, it’s the ideal time to create a plan for your content. It may be that you want to post every Sunday with information about upcoming events for the week ahead, or every Tuesday with expert top tips or advice for your clients. By making these types of posts consistent, your followers know they can check your socials on certain days of the week to find out new services or products.

Aside from planning out your regular content topics, social media scheduling also helps you to ensure you have quality content prepped and ready for seasonal campaigns and special events – from New Years to Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter, Eid al-Fitr, Halloween, Diwali, Bonfire Night, Black Friday, Hanukkah, Christmas, the Boxing Day sales, and more! This is equally applicable to any campaign specific to your business, such as creating content in the run-up to a product launch, or to showcase a new service or fresh addition to your portfolio.

Maximise your engagement

For every company and industry there is a different time of day where engagement is optimal, so whether it’s planning content for LinkedIn to be viewed by your target audience in the workday, or hitting peak Facebook traffic when the majority of people are on their lunch break, scheduling allows you to plan content to automatically go out at these times – helping you to boost your success on social media channels. 

Most social media channels have analytics pages that you can use to work out what time your posts should be shared for maximum effectiveness, or if you’re using a third-party tool, you’ll commonly find these statistics on there too. As you continue to post, these analytics systems will gather data from your social media channels and provide more and more accurate feedback on the days and times most suitable for your social posts to go out.

Sharing your posts on the days and times most recommended to you can help to drive engagement, making a huge difference to your organic reach, and getting your content seen by more people. Engagement metrics can vary hugely depending on when you post, so it’s vital to harness social media scheduling as an invaluable tool for getting those all-important likes, comments, shares, clicks, and follows.

Reduce time & stress

The final, and simplest, benefit of scheduling your posts is that it makes things easier. No more stress as you realise on the day that you need to create and release a post, because you’ve planned out your content in advance. No more uncertainty that you’re getting the tone of your caption right, because you’ve implemented a process that gives you the time and space to produce better, more consistent content. No more forgetting a crucial product launch, or seasonal event, because you’re a social media star who planned out that content a month ago. Scheduling makes your life easier, so take advantage of it!

How can we help

At Kreativity, we’re here to help you power up your social media channels as a vital tool in driving the success of your business. In addition to more traditional social media management, our social media graphics and optional copywriting service is growing ever more popular with our wonderful client base, giving you total control over your social strategy. We work with you to create breath-taking graphics on topics of your choice (we can suggest suitable topics too), and can even write your captions for you with researched hashtags and a tone of voice ideal for your target audience. Your job? Schedule your graphics and captions on your social media channels and engage with your audience!

This is a great way to keep things fresh and add some pizzazz to your marketing strategy without having to take on the added burden of creating graphics and writing content yourself, and is ideal for businesses who may not have the budget for a fully fledged social media management service, or for business owners who still want to be involved in their social media channels without a fully hands-off approach. Starting at only £129+VAT for a set of 15 graphics, we’re proud to have worked with hundreds of local businesses to get their feeds looking incredible! Why not try our free trial to get a taste of what we’re about?


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