3 Reasons Why Blogging is Important for Businesses

Blogging is an often underutilised tool for businesses to create connections with customers. Helping readers learn more about what you do, and how you do it, can aid in client capture by building trust in the consistency and quality of your creative process. Throughout this blog, we’ll explain the three most important ways that blogging can help your business. 

As well as being an educational piece, this post also serves as a great example of what a blog tries to achieve. In trying to teach you about the power of blogging, we’re trying to show you the thought process behind our services in order to develop trust. In framing it as an answer to a question, we increase our presence in search engine queries. Ultimately, we want you to come out of this blog knowing that blogging is an effective tool, and trusting that we know what we’re doing when it comes to writing them, in order to capture you as a client. 

With that out the way, let’s dive into the meat of the topic; the three ways blogging can help you:

Converting traffic

The ultimate goal for your digital presence should be establishing as many ways as possible for potential customers to choose you as a solution to their needs. For customers who know you already, they may simply visit your website. For anyone that doesn’t already know who you are, blogs and social media channels are some of the best ways, bar a paid advertisement campaign, to increase visibility and promote traffic to your website. As blogs are written to answer certain questions, like how this piece explains the utility of blogging for businesses, curious individuals will come across it as they seek to find answers to their questions.

As such, a well written blog creates a good first impression of your business, highlighting your knowledge on a topic and suggesting to the reader that you can be trusted to produce high quality work. By opening a new avenue for discovery, you can turn the casual reader into a customer by encouraging them to your website. When undertaken as part of a wider online campaign, it can also be a great supplement to your marketing. Your social media channels can use blogs as a source of inspiration, linking back to them in order to convince potential customers that you are the right choice.

Creating links 

Google uses over 200 factors to determine what shows up at the top of queries. Optimising your digital presence to these factors increases the visibility of your business, propelling growth. Backlinks, links from external sources that come through to your website, are one of the most important aspects of Google’s algorithm. These can be news articles or industry-leading businesses who have shared something you’ve written. One of the best ways to encourage backlinks to your business is through blogging – they’re a representation of your company’s expertise on a topic, and serve as educational tools for others. 

As other people refer to your website’s blog posts in their own text, Google begins to assess your business as more trustworthy – and in addition to raising the position of those posts in search results, this evaluation also aids the rest of your website’s visibility. Consistent blogging, therefore, enables you to optimise your presence across search engines, which increases the likelihood of client capture.

News and updates

As well as serving as advertisements and educational pieces, blogs are a great way to keep in communication with your customers. You can use them to announce new services, and explain why they’re important, as well as discussing changes occurring in your business, which can help to strengthen your relationship with your customer base and develop a strong rapport.

Credibility is an important tool for your business, and blogs are a great way to foster it. They give your customers an insight into the mind behind the services, letting them know that you know your stuff by highlighting your diligence and expertise. Through constant communication, you help to create a positive image of your business. Educating a wider audience shows that you are an expert, consistent posting shows you are reliable, and being helpful shows that you are trustworthy. Communication allows you to manage your image, making it a vital part of your online marketing strategy, and blogs are a great medium to do it!

Are you sold?

What better way to prove that blogging is an effective tool than through this blog? We use it to drive traffic to our website and capture new customers. Why shouldn’t you take advantage of one of the most underutilised parts of an effective digital marketing campaign? If you want to know more about our blogging services, or want to discuss whether it’s appropriate for your business, visit our website at: https://www.kreativitymarketing.co.uk/copywriting/ and book a free, no-obligation consultation.


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