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Caitlin Brand Package

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Display your business in a unique, powerful, and classy way.

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The Caitlin Branding Pack contains everything you need to display your business in a unique, sleek, and classy way. The neon pink branding makes it powerful with a feminine touch. This branding is perfect for those who want their business to stand out from the crowd. You will be contacted by one of our team members after purchasing to change any colours or business name you like.

This brand package includes:

  • Logo design including the different variations of logo you’ll need for your business: Main logo, transparent background logo & social media icon
  • 5 x social media graphics ready for boosting your socials
  • Optional colour palette – or use the colours of your choice!

We will be in touch to edit your branding!

Please note, these brand packages are unique to you, so once you have purchased this brand package, it will be out of stock on our website.